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By: constantinopleguide | October 09, 2018

After taking a glimpse at a few impressive news, a travel to the city of Cappadocia can be automatically stayed on the top of your to-visit list. If not, you should reconsider! Cappadocia is a tranquil island located at the center of Turkey. It’s like a lunar landscape with dotted rock formations; that you’ve never seen before. Besides, there’s a wide array of outdoor activities and cultural attractions to fulfill your travel desires. Here’re a few reasons that will make you convinced that Cappadocia should on your top vacation destination list:

The Clay Pot Kebab

On your Cappadocia tours from Istanbul, you just sit for dinner, while watching the fire burning in a wood fired oven. Whenever the dinner’s ready, the waiter will pull a clay pot from the fire and keep it on your table. After that the waiter makes a fragrant stew with vegetables and meats. Then, he brings fresh-baked bread, slow cooked beans, yogurt sauce and green salad. If you feel the taste like I said, then you must go on a trip to Cappadocia right now.

The Fairy Chimneys

Cappadocia is specifically popular for its stunning fairy chimneys. These are nothing but the pillar shaped rock formations, which are made naturally after a million years of volcanic activities along with years of massive erosion. Many more the fairy chimneys in the Goreme region now serve as homes, restaurants, hotels and bars. Where else you can sleep in a cave suite hotel (without breaking a bank) or an exotic hotel? Whenever you sleep inside a fairy chimney hotel, you will get to enjoy the stay to the fullest.

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Rides

If the weather is perfect, you’ll get to see Cappadocia is well-decorated with dozens of colorful hot air balloons on a daily basis. On your balloon tour in Cappadocia, you’ll get a close up views of the fairy chimneys in the Goreme Region, often nearly passing through the rock formations with the balloon baskets. Apart from this, enjoy an aery morning sunrise, while passing through a wide array of stone fairy chimneys. Purely magical right!

Underground Cities

When you are on Cappadocia tours from Istanbul, you’ll get to know that around 200 underground cities built hundred years ago. These cities were most commonly used by the Christians, for hiding from the Roman persecutors in the second and third centuries. Some of the cities are now open for the public exploration purposes.


You can visit Cappadocia any time of year. But you should pay more attention to the heat and crowds during the summer months and the temperature and snowfall in the winter. However, spring and fall offer the mildest climate, which can be your best bet. If you want to go on Cappadocia tours from Istanbul with Turkey Tours By Local Guides, then you can truly enjoy and savor everything Cappadocia has to offer.

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